How To Spruce Up Your Outdated Kitchen


If you are like most people then you have probably had the same kitchen your whole life, one that is functional yet old and run-down. But if you want a change from your outdated cooking space then there is no need to totally abandon or re-do it, you just have to spruce it up in order to make it appear revamped and you can do this in a few simple ways.

Art work, curtains and colourful appliances
Hang up beautiful paintings and the space you are in will take on a life of its own. Trendy curtains or drapes work really great too and can be put up over the window above the sink in order to dress up your kitchen. You can use gadgets that provide pops of colour, changing up your space even more by making it more fun with its bright colours. Or you can paint all the appliances to match one particular colour scheme to tie it into the rest of the space. Most new kitchens Perth can be a costly affair but add a few touch ups and your current kitchen can be made to look just as good.

Lighter colours
Lighter shades on both the walls and cabinets instantly brighten the place up and make it seem more stylish by giving at an expensive look. You can reface cabinets or simply just paint them white as this will completely change the look of the space by creating a more elegant setting.

Organized shelves and cupboards
From labelled glass jars to dividers there are plenty of ways to organize your space. A really neat thing to do is to use wrapping paper to cover the inside of your cabinets just to make them more colourful and it will also help you stay organized if you have a different wrapping paper for the drawer with utensils and a different one for the drawer with bowls and so on. Declutter your space by putting all the small gadgets and appliances out of sight and for your utensils, you corral them all together in one container that can be displayed on the counter top. For example, all of the cooking utensils can be held in a little holder that matches the rest of your space Hanging up your pots and pans next to the cooker helps further with the orgainzation.

Lights, lights, lights!
If you have good lighting, then you can completely transform a space with the flick of a switch. Use under-cabinet lighting to give your kitchen a more modern look which additionally provides great light on your countertop for when you are cooking or even for when you want to display your decorations. Lighting will contribute to making the space look brand new without you actually having to re-do everything.
Try to make as many of these little changes as you possibly can as it will really touch up your kitchen giving you the very best results in an old and well used space in your


Tips On Making Your Kitchen Feel More Spacious


Spacious kitchens are not always an option to most of. However, creating an illusion of space is possible. Here are a few ways to do so…

The counters and the furniture

When it comes to the kitchen, the pantry cabinets that you store your dry food in, the table in which you have your meals, and the counters that your prepare your food inall take up space. You need to be very careful when you select it. If you have a relatively small family, and don’t really eat meals together that often, consider giving away that bulky dining table you have installed in your kitchen, and installing kitchen benchtops instead. When it comes to the cabinets, choose a design that has a mixture of glass and wood. See-through doors and shelves will not only make your cabinets look less bulky and space consuming; they will also force you to keep the cabinets organized.

The colors used

The color of the furniture you use, as well as the color you use on your floors and walls plays a large part when trying to make your kitchen appear more spacious than it is. Choose light colored granite countertops Melbourne and light colored floor tiles. Make sure it is both in materials that can easily be cleaned (and without grooves), as the kitchen is a high accident area. You don’t want to spend all afternoon cleaning up after your kids are done with their meal. The light colored walls will add to this illusion of space that you are looking to create.

The natural sunlight it gets; and the artificial lighting

Light has an almost magical way of creating the illusion of space in almost any room of your home. Most people don’t remember that the kitchen is one part of your home that is vital to keep well lit. Try to get in as much as sunlight as possible; avoiding placing furniture that will block the light. Be smart about your drapes; and have a care to keep the windows spotless. When installing lights, try to have a pendant light above the middle island counter or breakfast bar (if you have one, of course). Under cabinet lights are also a great option to consider; as they don’t take up a lot of space, yet do the job of illuminating the area.

The organized space

Any room that is cluttered and messed up naturally looks smaller than it is. Keeping this in mind, try to always have this specific room of your home in proper order. Place your spices in clear jars (so they don’t look like they take up space); and label them neatly. Place all your pans around your stove area, and knives and cutting boards around the sink. This will clearly mark the areas as the prepping area and cooking area. likewise, it also pays to try and organize your cutlery; making use of the now so readily available drawer dividers for it…