Renovation And Themes

When renovating a home, it can be tricky to decide to decor your home, this article should provide an easy guide to get you started on decorating your next project. 

The property itself can lend a hand in décor. Say you are renovating an old barn with gorgeous wood panelling and low beams, even without anything inside, the property already has a ‘feel’ to it. Never go against the natural atmosphere of a building as it can take away the original charm. It can also be very expensive to remove those quirks, so rather than going against the grain, work with the property you have. 

Location is also key when looking at interior design. If you are near the beach, right in the city centre or even in the middle of nowhere, you can bring the location into your design. This makes the property fall nicely into its surroundings and is a big selling point if the location you choose is good quality. 

These factors will all contribute to the pallet you will use when choosing colour.

The main problem I find when people decorate their homes according to a theme is that they tend to go overboard. This can throw a house off its natural balance, making the space inside feel cluttered and unfinished. If you do chose a theme to go with, it needs to be added subtly so that it doesn’t overpower the space but instead enhances it. The classic ‘sea theme’ was once a very popular bathroom theme, today however it is used widely throughout the whole house. This doesn’t mean painting every room sea blue. Today’s sea theme is a lot softer on the eyes; with its light mushroom grey walls, laminate flooring Newcastle and the occasional blue throw pillow. To really get house decorating right, you need to ensure that the colours or theme flows consistently throughout the whole house and even out into the garden. A cheap kitchen installation company will usually supply skip bins and may even have discount coupons on their website.

Back gardens are usually the best place for entertaining and have always been a popular design point amongst interior designers, however recently the front garden has been gaining more attention to detail. More and more designers are recognising the front as ‘the first point of contact and there for the first impression of the overall property’. By using your garden as your starting point you can allow your house to flow very naturally into the house and then out to the back garden. Use live plants indoors to enhance this effect as well as matching your outdoor decking with your wood floors indoors. Remember to use your imagination and have fun with the project, as it will come through in your finished product.