Tips On Making Your Home Appear Larger Than It Is

Are you an avid reader who devotes hours in a book; especially if the magic of it catches you? Do you hardly move while you do so and often find yourself with a stiff neck (but a full heart!) at the end of a book. This might be due to poor and uncomfortable seating. To avoid this or at least reduce the chances of this happening, select the right chairs for your reading nook. In our opinion, rocking chairs and porch swings make excellent companions for a good book…!From the experts of home decorating, to those with small homes…

  • Make use of the magic of sunlight – sunlight has an almost magical way of making a space look larger than it is. While artificial lighting does manage to make a space look somewhat larger, it’s not as successful as natural light. Try to draw the sunlight into your home; as much possible. Throw open the drapes, and let in the fresh air as well. Use mirrors to distribute the sunlight around your home.
  • Use your drapes to create the illusion of height – if you have short ceilings, then naturally, your rooms will appear smaller. To avoid this, either use ziptrak outdoor blinds Melbourne (so it doesn’t consume space) or drapes that are placed higher than your window frame.
  • Use minimum furniture – over furnishing a space can make it look congested and tinier than it is. Always try to make do with the least amount of furniture; even if you have to have multi purposes for them. It’s also a good idea to keep your home clutter free, as the messiness also enhances the small size of your home.
  • Try to use glass walls in private areas of your home – if some parts of your property faces away from your neighbors and is relatively private, then consider knocking down those walls and replacing it with glass walls. You can still hold on to your privacy and cut down the light coming into your home through them by installing shade blinds. You can view more by checking out 
  • Use white and light shades for your walls and furniture – your furniture and your walls can play a large part in making your home appear smaller than it is. The color of them as well as the design of your furniture is mainly to blame. Use whites and light shades for both your walls and your furniture. Use clean lines and fuss free designs for your furniture to avoid the cluttered look.
  • Use light colored flooring and carpets – if you cannot change the color of your walls, or if the white is a little too glaring with all the sunlight, then consider changing the color of your floors at the very least. Floor tiles and carpets are easy to install; and work for most homes. Be warned that this is not a great option for kitchens or homes that have small children prone to accidents and messes.
  • Mix glass with your wooden furniture to lessen the “bulk” – apart from having glass walls, you can use this transparent material in your furniture too to reduce the “bulkiness” of it. This is especially true for kitchen cabinets and bedside tables.