What Are The Most Commonly Used Equipment To Maintain Trees?

Trees are undoubtedly one of nature’s greatest gifts to the environment and mankind as a whole. Therefore, taking care of them without cutting them down whenever you get a chance is highly important. There are many techniques that you can follow to make sure that these trees are growing well. However, none of these can be done by only your hands. You will surely need aid of certain equipment and machinery in order to get the job done right. So, what are the most commonly used equipment in this process?

Anvil and bypass pruners

Here, we will be looking at when anvil and bypass pruners will be used the most. Anvil pruners are typically used to take care of branches and dead twigs that are usually come in diameters of 5/8” or even less than that. This tool is most commonly used on plants like rose bushes, butterfly bushes and hydrangea. Bypass pruners on the other hand are used on live stems and branches which are the same size as for the previously mentioned tool. Raspberry bushes and lilacs can be taken as examples that this is used on.

Hedge shears and loppers

Just like the term hedge shears suggests, this tool is commonly used on hedges and small shrubs. In addition to that, deadheading perennials and evergreens too make use of it which are usually 2-1/4” diameters and any kind of hedge shrub can make use of this tool. A lopper, which offers quite similar activity to tree pruning, is usually used on medium and large branches of fruit trees, nut trees and vines. Link here http://www.hunterrivertrees.com.au/ offer a great tree lopping service that suit all your needs.

Pole pruners and pruning saws

What are pole pruners majorly used for? It is commonly used to pull dead wood out of trees which are approximately 1-1/4” in diameter. While this can be used on any kind of tree the pruning saw used for tree lopping makes its best use for large shrubs and trees and will be useful for branches that hang low and are 1-1/2” in diameter. While these two tools are quite similarly connected, the benefits offer when considering their flexibility on the type of trees they support.

Tree pruners

Finally, these tree pruners are commonly used on smaller tree branches and makes sure that you will not have to climb on a ladder to get the job done. Sounds convenient, doesn’t it? Even better is the fact that this can be used on any kind of tree in if you want to maintain it as you desire.

Therefore, make use of these tools and become a part of the people that are engaged in protecting and maintain trees for the future generations to cherish.