What Should You Consider Before Signing A Lease Agreement?

Entering into a lease agreement is a definite cost saving option when compared with purchasing a new building. However not all lease agreements are favorable and beneficial. Signing an agreement without proper knowledge on it would definitely lead to unwanted law suits, so studying the below facts before entering such agreements would certainly help. Here are few of those such facts;

Validity time

A lease could range from 3 to 10 years. And based on your expectations and needs you could always adjust this time period. However of you enter into an agreement with no specification of time, you might want to be cautious as the chances for you loosing this property are high. Before you sign an agreement and pay office leasing Lippo be aware of these facts. All these little things are the ones that could end of the day cause your fall, so study them in detail and thoroughly. Also be aware of the clauses included in the agreement. Sometimes you may face situations where you are unable to move your office space because of ongoing construction and renovation, and in case you may encounter such situations discuss with the lesser beforehand for the options available to act on. This will avoid you from falling into a difficult position.

Cost/ rent

Discuss with the lesser beforehand on an agreed lease office admiralty. An amount that is based after negotiation and discussion by both parties. Be concerned of the clauses that are included in the agreement as well in regards with the rent and appraisals done to it. The time period from when it would be appraised and by how much it would be appraised. Knowing these beforehand shall definitely help you prepare your budgets and expenses for the future thus eliminating surprising raises and costs over time.


Discuss the clauses on subleasing with your lesser. This will help determine the rules and procedures for it. If it is possible to sublease and how sublease would affect your agreement. Most lesser however do not permit subleasing, but in case there is a chance to do so and there is no specified banning on it, then you could always think of your profitable options.  This will also help you in turn as well to cover costs of rent or lease.


The ability to renew the agreement too should be discussed before signing the agreement, as it will definitely affect as time goes by and your business flourishes. Imagine having to move out when your business has just picked up on normal operation! Hence discuss these beforehand to avoid having to encounter such situations and positions.

Consider all these along with other contributing facts as well and then sign up your new lease agreement!